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 Global Power Recruiter Log In and Out thread

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North African Empire
North African Empire

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Global Power Recruiter Log In and Out thread Empty
PostSubject: Global Power Recruiter Log In and Out thread   Global Power Recruiter Log In and Out thread Icon_minitimeThu Apr 21, 2011 2:30 pm

Greetings GP Recruiters,

Welcome to the sign in and out thread of the Global Powers Recuiter please sign you nation's name on this thread that you are taking the recuiter for either a recruitment run or sending out telegrams to the new nations located in the Pacifics, Lazarus, and The Rejected Realms please make sure you add those nations' names to the dossier of the recruiter that way we will not get into trouble with the moderators about spamming nation's telegram boxes. This thread will be check but the Official Recruiter of the Global Powers on a daily bases to make sure people are continuing to sign in and out here when using the recruiting nation. Don't worry recruiting will not come without awards whoever gets at least 3 to 4 nations to join the GP will win our Recruiter of the Month award and I will add you nation's name to a list here on the opening post stating that you have won the award and it can be won more then one time but you don't have too use the recruiter in a effort to win the award you can win it simply by using your own nation but if you would like to use our recruiter please telegram the NAE for the password.

Thank you for your time,
The Global Powers Regional Government

Here is the official Recruitment telegram:
Greetings [insert nation's name here],

I would like to welcome you to the nationstates universe that is if you are new at the game but if you are a returning player allow me to introduce myself I am [insert your nation's name here] a representive from the Global Powers a region that is quickly grown from a merger between the Alliance of the Axis Powers and the Alliance of Grand Powers. I am here to tell you the benfits of joining the Global Powers for starters we are a region filled with very welcoming nations and would be happy to help you get started in the nationstates community as of right now we currently have sereval RPs going on between some of our members that you may like to join also we offer a roleplaying class on our offsite forum in which you can learn the basics of RPing from some of the most experience players in the Region.

Here is a little bit of a background history about the Global Powers the region was formed by the nations of North African Empire and Alexiandra after the merger between the Alliance of the Axis Powers and the Alliance of Grand Powers. Since our founding we have overcome numerous events and wars ranging from the War on Kolovo (a former raider) to a sucession by the Global Powers Revolutionary Liberation Army(GPRLA) which we recently worked out a peace agreement with to end a long Cold War.

We hope to see you in the Global Powers soon.

-The Global Powers Recruiting Team

If you would like to use the recruiter please fill out the following to sign in and out.

Sign In Application:
Name's Name:
Are you going to use it for an recruitment run or telegramming the new nation?:
Did you telegram the NAE for password?:

[u]Sign Out Application:[u]
Name's Name:
How many nations did you send messages too during you run?:
Did you turn the recruiter back over to the GP Recruiter after you were finished?:

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Global Power Recruiter Log In and Out thread
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