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 Article 3: Regulations and Rules on Voting and Elections

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Article 3: Regulations and Rules on Voting and Elections Empty
PostSubject: Article 3: Regulations and Rules on Voting and Elections   Article 3: Regulations and Rules on Voting and Elections Icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2011 8:07 pm

The proposed Article 3. I know this will become a major debate...
I am hereby warning everyone now. Please keep this a civil debate... and please have constructive discussions.


Section 1: Regulations on Voting
1. A member has only one vote. Colonies are not allowed to have a vote. Embassies representing a member not in the region of Global Powers receive a vote.
2. A vote for a proposal takes a simple majority to pass. If vetoed by the President, it requires two-thirds majority
3. A vote to remove an Officer who has violated the Constitution and passed laws require a two-thirds majority to remove the Officer.

Section 2: Regulations on Elections
1. A member can seek to run for one single office per election.
2. Candidates are discouraged to commit slander and libel against their opponents in their campaign
3. The candidate who receives the most votes in their election becomes the Minister or Chief of the office they were running for.
4. In cases of tie, there will be a recount by the voters. Should this tie fail to be broken, the President can choose the candidate they feel is best suited to hold the Office.
5. Elections are to be held on the fifth of every third month starting from June
6. An officer may only serve three consecutive terms at once. After these three consecutive terms, the officer must resign. After another term has passed, any member can once again run for office.
7. Rule 6 is void in cases where the Office holder is uncontested for a fourth consecutive term. This will continue until the office is contested by another candidate.

This adds in the three terms limit we had enforced. Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome
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Article 3: Regulations and Rules on Voting and Elections
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